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Upper Urinary Tract

Urothelial Cell Carcinoma dablaca 12 project

DaBLAca 12 protocol

Complete lymphadenectomy during nephroureterectomy because of invasive urothelial carcinoma may reduce the incidence of lymph nodes metastasis, local recurrence, distant metastasis and improve the cancer survival rate.

Purpose: To evaluate the influence of complete lymphadenectomy on recurrence and cancer specific survival rate compared to limited or no lymphadenectomy.

Primary endpoint/analysis: Recurrence free survival at five-year postoperative.

Secondary endpoints: Incidence of lymph node metastases, local recurrence and/or distant metastasis, cancer specific and overall survival at one, three and five-year postoperative. Complications rate according to Clavien classification within the first thirty days postoperatively

Design: Prospectively randomized to template based lymphadenectomy or not, in patients with clinically muscle-invasive UTUC in the renal pelvis or upper 2/3 of the ureter. One to one, controlled clinical trial. Patients will be randomly allocated into two groups, 183 patients in each group. Group A will be scheduled to receive routine standard open or robot assisted nephroureterectomy without lymphadenectomy except for clinically enlarged. Group B will be scheduled to received mapped lymphadenectomy in conjugation with nephroureterectomy.

Right side: 1, 2, 4, 5 Left side: 3, 6

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