Inclusion criteria

Upper Urinary Tract Urothelial Cell Carcinoma

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Inclusion criteria:

•Subjects must provide written informed consent prior to performance of study-specific

procedures or assessments, and must be willing to comply with treatment and follow-up.

•Age ≥ 18 years

•Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) status of 0-2.


All patients needs at least one criteria of A and one of B


A. Histological defined UTUC: Histologically confirmed diagnosis of predominantly urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract.

1.Positive biopsy for high grade tumor

2.Selective upper tract positive cytology

3.Micturition positive cytology (if there is no bladder cancer simultaneously)


B. Radiological defined UTUC: Patients with UTUC cT2-T4, N0- M0 (TNM classification): Criteria must to be defined by radiologists.


Pelvic or calyx tumor

1.Absence of fat between pelvis and kidney

2.Evidence of parenchymal invasion

3.Growing of tumor out of the renal pelvis

4.Tumor > 1 cm


Upper 2/3 of ureter

1.Growing of the tumor out of the ureter

2.Dilation grade 3-4

3.Tumor > 1 cm


Exclusion criteria:

•Clinical suspicion of non-muscle invasive UTUC

•Metastatic urothelial carcinoma for the renal pelvis or upper 2/3 of the ureter

•Radiological positive lymph nodes in the retroperitoneal region


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